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2022Collaboration with Brand

Our exclusive partnership with the renowned brand Joeone, specializing in pant collections, marked a significant milestone during Paris Fashion Week. The worldwide simultaneous broadcast on various platforms, including Weibo, Douyin, and Weibo, ensured exceptional international reach.

To enhance our media presence, our agency curated dedicated content for the global press, comprising photographs, press releases, and articles. This initiative reached no less than 170 mainstream media outlets worldwide, providing remarkable exposure to our collaboration.


Digital & Offline Communication

Moreover, our agency created compelling audio-visual content, including interviews and live broadcasts, specifically tailored for Weibo and Douyin platforms. The streaming platform broadcast was equally impressive, attracting a considerable audience. On Weibo, we recorded an audience of 7.68 million viewers, while on Douyin, the figure reached an impressive 54 million viewers (Source: Bosiri (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., and Xiamen Shanhaizhiguan Advertising Co., Ltd.). The event’s highlights broadcast live on Joeone’s official account captivated 19 million viewers.

Our digital advertising campaign on Baidu and Douyin was a huge success, generating over 210 million views (Source: Weibo). This strategy significantly contributed to our online presence and brand visibility.

Simultaneously, our offline campaign, featuring videos and advertising posters in streets, airports, and other strategic locations, was deployed in more than 86 cities, reaching an impressive target audience of 333 million people.

The impact of these communication efforts during the event was phenomenal, generating an impressive total of 249,000 associated search results and achieving a remarkable ranking position across the entire Baidu network. Additionally, on the Weibo search engine, our ranking rose to the third position, with an impressive total of 210 million results. This increased visibility attests to the outstanding success of our collaboration with Joeone during this unforgettable Paris Fashion Week.

Broadcast Video