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Borui Media Group (BMG) is the largest integrated online and offline Asian cultural media conglomerate in Europe.

The group operates four key business sectors: Let’s Play Paris, an offline anime and gaming exhibition; China Light – Asian Lantern Festival; POP ASIE, a European online platform for Asian cultural e-commerce; and ASIA POP MUSIC, the largest pan-Asian music festival in Europe.

BMG’s business portfolio includes offline event organization and planning, cross-border e-commerce, concert management, IP collaboration projects, and comprehensive 360-degree cross-border marketing solutions. Acting as a communication bridge between Chinese media and brands, the company excels in high-level creative planning, on-the-ground execution, media coverage, brand design, and promotion.

With access to multiple media platform resources, BMG is dedicated to establishing itself as France’s premier service platform for the film and television industry, corporate culture international image design, and media resource supply.

Our Team

  • WANG Liang
    大老王 BOSS
  • LIU Miao
    艺术总监 DA
  • ZHU Ziyi
    项目策划经理 PM
  • LI Dan
    公关经理 PR
  • WANG Jingjing
    人力资源总监 HRD
  • MO Ye
    项目策划经理 PM
  • Li Steeve
    社区管理员 CM