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Designed and executed by Borui, the Animist exhibition: "Animist Civilization of Ancient Shu" stands out for its multidimensional approach aimed at unveiling the hidden treasures of Shu civilization.


Through various media, it traces the historical timeline of this culture, shedding new light on its significance within the global panorama. The exhibition also explores the strategic position of the Tianfu region in the emergence of Shu civilization in China, providing an in-depth look at the recent discoveries of Sanxingdui.

Sichuan is the birthplace of ancient Shu, and this manifestation will introduce you to the mysterious civilization of the ancient land of Shu and allow you to perceive the wonderful charms of ancient Eastern wisdom.

The exhibition goes beyond a simple historical retrospective and also incorporates contemporary artistic elements. National and international artists have contributed by creating contemporary works inspired by their interpretation and immersion in the culture of Sanxingdui. These creations bring a modern and dynamic dimension to the exhibition, captivatingly linking the past to the present.

Borui pushes the boundaries of innovation even further by introducing a digital and artistic exploration of Sanxingdui culture. This innovative approach allows visitors to delve deeper into the mysteries of this ancient civilization through cutting-edge technologies, offering an unparalleled immersive and educational experience.

Thus, through its exceptional collaboration with the China Cultural Center, the Borui agency has succeeded in creating a unique cultural experience with the Animist exhibition. It continues to set new standards in the field of cultural promotion, leaving a significant imprint on the artistic and educational landscape.